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New service line enables cost-effective access to small scale dbDNA production

Introducing Touchlight's new customer offering of Discovery grade dbDNA (enzymatic doggybone DNA) to support candidate screening. 

Receive quick and easy access to 0.5 to 1mg RUO grade dbDNA ready to use in as little as 4 weeks (from receipt of template DNA).  

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What is doggybone DNA (dbDNA)?

dbDNA is a minimal, linear, covalently closed structure, which eliminates bacterial sequences. It is approved in both Europe and the US as a starting material for the production of gene therapies in Phase I, and has several advantages over pDNA including:
  • Optimal vector - Strong expression profile and eliminates bacterial sequences.
  • Amplification of complex sequences - Long sequences, GC rich sequences and sequences with secondary structure (e.g., ITRs)
  • Faster timeline to the clinic – GMP material available in a matter of weeks compared to months, removing DNA supply from your critical path.

How is dbDNA made?

With our proprietary enzymatic DNA production process, we can rapidly manufacture multiple grams of DNA using benchtop, disposable equipment.

enzymatic DNA

Access dbDNA in different ways.

  • Off-the-shelf catalogue products for initial evaluation
  • Custom sequences from 5mg to 2.5g (non-GMP) 
  • cGMP material 100mg to 5g batches 
  • License and royalty free (when Touchlight manufacture)

Touchlight DNA for AAV

Latest news

Touchlight completes expansion, creating one of the world’s largest DNA manufacturing facilities in London, UK. The facility capacity exceeds today’s global plasmid DNA demand and can enable commercialisation of genetic medicines.

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